Besides Amsterdam: Travelers Share Their Favorite Dutch Spots

Favorite Dutch Spots

Until I moved to the Netherlands, I didn’t realize the extent to which Amsterdam really steals the spotlight from everywhere else. The amount of people who assume I live there is kind of staggering. (In case you’re new around here: I don’t.)

Maybe people are genuinely under the impression that, once you’ve ticked off Amsterdam, there’s not much else to see here. After all, the Netherlands is a teeny-tiny country; how much more can there really be?

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The Best Day Trips from Melbourne

Day Trips From Melbourne

Melbourne is no stranger to praise or acclaim. The city has been hyped as the world’s most liveable for years, topping lists left and right, and generally garnering a reputation as The Place To Be. There’s festival for every season, a market for every budget, and a restaurant for every taste. (There might not be a café for every hipster, but it’s probably as close as you’re gonna get.)

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Peninsula Walk – Kaikoura

Peninsula Walk - Kaikoura

Most people know Kaikoura, New Zealand for whale watching. Maybe they visit for its nearby colony of seals, or to eat some super fresh seafood (Kaikoura, in the Māori language, translates to “meal of crayfish”). Maybe they’re just lured by the stunning scenery of a peninsula surrounded by sparkling water and snow-capped mountains.

These are all pretty good reasons, and Kaikoura lives up to every one. But for me, it represents something else altogether.

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