Winter Day Trip to Scheveningen + Madurodam — Den Haag

Winter Day Trip to Scheveningen + Madurodam -- Den Haag

Like most humans, I only make totally rational decisions 100% of the time.

So when this particular day was forecasted to be one of the coldest days in winter 2017 thus far, Simon and I decided it would be the perfect time to… go to the beach.

You know. Like you do.

Now, in my defense, I’ve lived in the Netherlands for over two years now, and I had yet to visit the beach here even once. In fact, though I’d hopped in or on my fair share of planes, trains, and automobiles in the past couple of years, I hadn’t been to the sea at all since Barcelona in September 2014.

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Besides Amsterdam: Travelers Share Their Favorite Dutch Spots

Favorite Dutch Spots

It goes without saying that, for many countries, the capital city is the star of the show.

But until I moved to the Netherlands, I didn’t realize the extent to which Amsterdam steals the spotlight from everywhere else. The amount of people who assume I live there is kind of staggering. (In case you’re new around here: I definitely don’t.)

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